Our History

Our History

NC Peace Action was founded in 1986 under the name of NC SANE/ FREEZE.  We were an affiliate of the national organization SANE/ FREEZE.  SANE was founded in 1957 and is considered the original “parent” of Peace Action.  When the national changed its name to Peace Action, we also registered under a new name.

The first director was Margaret Hilpert who began sending out mailings to organize around freezing the nuclear weapons arms race.  Other directors have included Norris Frederick of Charlotte, Bridgette Burge of Knightdale, and Bill Towe of Cary.

For a period in the late 90’s there were two organizations:  “North Carolina Peace Action” and “North Carolina Peace Action Education Fund”.  We now operate only as a 501c(3) with the official name “North Carolina Peace Action Education Fund” doing business as “NC Peace Action”.

We welcome contributions of stories and pictures from people who have been involved over the years.  Please send your submissions to director@ncpeaceaction.org.

You will find a history of more recent activity under “Recent Events & Reports”


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