Who we are

Building a Culture of Peace. Uprooting the Causes of War.

We envision a world where all beings are free from the threat of war and oppression. We stand together as one human family to resolve conflicts peacefully in all our endeavors and support human rights for all.

Our mission is to abolish war, particularly as an instrument of U.S. policy, and to build a culture of peace through personal responsibility and witness, education, and promotion of human needs over militarism.

Goals of NC Peace Action

To build a Culture of Peace in North Carolina, we commit:

1. To inform the public and Congress about :

  • the means used to promote and perpetuate war
  • the menace of nuclear weapons
  • the human and ecological destruction wrought by war
  • the psychological and ethical degradation of the war mentality
  • the diversion of resources away from meeting human needs
  • the conversion to a peace economy as an alternative to militarism

2. To offer resources and programs on alternatives to war including :

  • social and emotional learning
  • conflict resolution, nonviolence, and peacemaking skills
  • cooperation and simple living over consumerism
  • restorative justice over retribution
  • to introduce these into schools, faith communities, and the general public.

3. To build alliances with groups and individuals to enhance the cause of a more just and peaceful society.

Guided by this vision of a Culture of Peace, empowered by the urgency of this mission, and committed to these goals, we work together as NC Peace Action.

Goals of National Peace Action

  • Promote the use of diplomacy over armed conflict.
  • Reduce military spending and prioritize funding for human needs.
  • Halt the sale of weapons to other countries starting with those governments that abuse the human rights of their citizens.
  • Abolish nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.