Move the Money

Move the Money

Bring the War Dollars Home … Fund Our Communities!

In North Carolina, NC Peace Action and the American Friends Service Committee (Carolinas Office) have united on a statewide effort to connect the dots: War Spending Has Local Consequences.

People everywhere are aware that budget cuts at the federal, state, and local levels are having serious consequences.  Libraries and firehouses are being closed, public servants and teachers laid off, care for sick and elderly being denied, our environment degraded, and our society abandoning quality education for our children.  YET there always seems to be enough money to fund the wars.  Why is this?

We have to pose this question to every elected official and repeat the message that these upside down priorities are wrong and must be reversed.

We encourage organizations to join us by signing on to this Campaign Statement:

The Move the Money Campaign to Bring the War Dollars Home/ Restore Our Communities is a grassroots North Carolina campaign to mobilize public support for a reallocation of our nation’s resources away from war and excessive defense spending and in favor of meeting domestic human needs.

North Carolina taxpayers’ share for the wars since 2001 has been $31 billion. We pay that bill in the form of budget cuts to universities and schools, health care for the poor, and the loss of block grants to our communities as Congress tries to cut the deficit created in large part by war spending.

We call for a reallocation of taxpayer money to create a sustainable economy that meets the needs of all Americans and responds to the aspirations of the poor around the world.

We believe the correct priorities to restore our communities and the health of our society are:

  • End the wars (and demilitarize foreign policy.)
  • Save services (including entitlements, education, health, and environmental protection.)
  • Provide sustainable jobs (e.g. investing in infrastructure and renewable energy)

Local officials have already begun to speak out. Resolutions have been passed by the Durham City Council, County commissioners and Board of Education. Similar resolutions have been passed by the US Council of Mayors, the City Councils of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eugene OR, Baltimore, MD, Hartford, CT, Cleveland, OH, and Charlottesville, VA among others. Many local officials recognize that painful cuts in local budgets are in part a consequence of prioritizing wars and a vast military.

Will your committee or organization sign on to the Move the Money campaign? See our list of endorsing organizations. Please contact us below.

We invite you to join in the effort to bring our war dollars home and fund our communities. Please send your name, affiliation, address and other contact information to

Campaign Successes | Join The Change

  • The Raleigh City Council passed a Bring the War Dollars Home Resolution on March 5, 2013, thanks to efforts of Raleigh Peace Action in their campaign to “Return Our War Dollars.” (Read the full resolution here.
  • The Burlington City Council passed a Cost of War Resolution on August 21, 2012, thanks to the efforts of Alamance Peace Action and many citizens concerned about the economic and budget impacts of war and military spending. 

  • 20 members of the NC General Assembly sent a strong letter to our NC Congressional delegation calling for the need to “redirect tens of billions of dollars from excess military spending and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq toward meeting urgent domestic needs.”  (Read full letter here.)
  • The Durham City Council called upon the president and Congress “to bring these war dollars home to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal and state governments, and develop a new economy based upon renewable, sustainable energy and reduce the federal debt.”  (Read full resolution here.)
  • The Durham County Commissioners called “upon the United States Government and President Barack Obama to responsibly end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our war dollars home”.  (Read full resolution here.)
  • The Durham Board of Education called “upon the US government and President Obama to end the wars and military presence in Afghanistan and other areas of the world that have not attacked the US and reinvest those dollars in the future of our children.”  (Read full resolution here.)

Campaign Resources | Change Starts Locally

Consider starting a campaign in your town or city – or if there is already a campaign in your area, join in!

There are many resources available to help. NC Peace Action wants to empower you to make a difference where-ever you are. On this site you will find:

The Tax Dollars at War video is an excellent explanation of the trade offs.

There is much more but please let us know what you need.

To get involved, send a message to or call (919) 381-5969 for more information.