David Harris, Chair & Board Member

David Harris has been active in many organizations and campaigns over the years, including Chair of The Durham People’s Alliance (Group of 400 to 600 concern citizens about local, state, and national issues), and the Inter-Neighborhood Council (made up of 25 to 40 neighborhood/homeowner associations) concerned with local and state issues.  He is a graduate of NC Central University.  David has worked actively with the Durham Bring the War Dollars Home Campaign.



Joe Burton, Treasurer & Board Member





Anne Cassebaum, Secretary & Board Member

Environmental, military and poverty issues all seem rooted together to me, so I look for ways to build a sustainable, green economy, to change the policies producing the American military empire and the wealth gap, and to bring people to the natural world in a way that makes them want to protect it. In NC Peace Action, these ideas come together as well as some inspiring people; friends and I are working to build a local chapter in Alamance County. My book, Down Along the Haw: The Story of a North Carolina River (McFarland) was just published, and I serve on the Haw River Assembly Board. Targeting and deportation of undocumented people in my county has led me to be active on the Human Relations Council and Fairness Alamance. I’ve retired from teaching writing, environmental literature and non-violence studies at Elon University, but still enjoy working with students going after their GED. My husband, son and daughter, their partners, and six grandchildren all live in Alamance County.


Mia Austin-Scoggins, Media Coordinator & Board Member

Mia Austin-Scoggins has been active in the peace & justice movement since the late 1960s, and she has shown a special dedication to the needs of veterans, especially those experiencing homelessness and other trauma. At the “MIC@50” Conference, sponsored by Quaker House in January 2011, Mia spoke on the impact of the Military Industrial Complex on American veterans and the “extra casualties” (physical, mental and societal) beyond the names on memorials that are the haunting legacy of America’s involvement in the “business” of war. Mia is Vice President in Charge of Communications for the (Eisenhower) Chapter 157 of Veterans for Peace, and is Media Coordinator for NC Peace Action.


Rukiya Dillahunt, Board Member

Education, Labor and Peace Activist, Wake County educator for 33 years, retired Vice Principal, Member of Black Workers for Justice and Board Member of NC Peace Action.





 Rachael Bliss, Board Member & Asheville Coordinator

In Asheville, Rachael has been active in peace and justice issues since the 2009 surge of troops in Afghanistan.  Before that she participated in such activites as a member of Appalachian Peace Education Center.  In 2010 and 2011 she helped organize the Asheville observation of International Day of Peace.  Today she spends much of her time trying to get a Bring Our War Dollars Home Resolution put on the agenda and voted on by the Asheville City Council.




Khalilah Sabra, Board Member

 Khalilah Sabra is the executive director and project director for the MAS Immigrant Justice Center. She is an accredited representative who serves as counsel for aliens in immigration proceedings such as the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and Department of Homeland Security. Khalilah is a long-time activist, working indefatigably to promote international peace and the welfare, rights, and status of immigrants through public speaking, educational workshops, local events, media interviews, and interfaith partnerships. Khalilah has previously served as a board member on the ACLU Racial Profiling Committee (2006-2009) and as a committee member of the MEPI, International Women’s Committee (2005-2010). She received her BS in Criminal Justice from California State University at Los Angeles and has graduate certification in Legal Studies. She is also a published author: An Unordinary Death, the Lie of a Palestinian (2007) and a contributor to the anthology Cleansed: Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1990). 


Sandy Irving, Board Member