Host a Workshop

Host A Workshop

Peaceful Means Workshops use a lively, participatory, and emergent pedagogy to develop skills in peaceful communication, community understanding, and nonviolent social change. Below you will find more detailed information on what the workshops entail and how you can host one with us!


Peaceful Means Workshops offer practice in nonviolence at the personal, relational, and communal levels. They are designed to:

  1. offer participants choice nuggets from the essential wisdom and profound paradigm of nonviolence starting with practices that help us act from our true nature.
  2. provide practical ways to use peaceful means in ones daily life and relationships
  3. offer tools for understanding and practicing peaceful means in a social change process.

Extended workshops can also help prepare for campaigns of social change.


We consult with the group leader(s) or representative(s) first to see what elements would be most useful for the group in question. Workshops can be tailored to the group needs and planned in partnership. We encourage group leaders to help guide segments of the workshop.


Peaceful Means workshops use active participatory exercises small group discussions, film segments, short presentations, and simulations.


The duration of the workshop is flexible, with a minimum of two hours. A series of workshops is also an option. Dates are scheduled to meet the group needs.


A sample schedule for a workshop could be:

  1. How nonviolence “works”, introduction: 45 min
  2. Personal practices that support peaceful means: 30 min.
  3. “Nonviolent communication”: 1 hour
  4. Peaceful means in a broader context: 1.5 hours

Time for group introductions must also be added.


To discuss the possibility of a Peaceful Means Workshop for your group call Betsy Crites, Director of NC Peace Action, at (919) 3831-5969 or email

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