2011 Winners

Meet Our 2011 Student Peacemaker Winners


1st PLACE WINNERS – Trip with Witness for Peace in Latin America

Lauren Zalla is graduating from Duke University in 2012 with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Global Health. She is interested in the intersections of gender, health, poverty and culture. She recently received an award from Davis Projects for Peace to implement a reusable sanitary pad manufacturing project in Haiti. In 2011, she traveled to Cuba with Witness for Peace on a law and human rights delegation, where she witnessed the effects of United States foreign policy on daily life in Havana.




Lauren Traugott-Campbell is a certificate student at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. While pursuing her B.A. in International Studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she studied US policy and its effects in Latin America and communities in the Triangle. Since graduating, she has integrated this activism with a passion for documentary arts. She is currently interning at Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, NC and plans to continue pursuing documentary arts and oral history work in the South.