Wake Campaign

Cost of War Campaign in Wake County

Joe Burton (center), Roger Manus (right), and supporters wait for City Council meeting to start.

On Jan. 15th 2013, the Raleigh City Council passed a Resolution to Bring the War Dollars Home and Move the Money to meet local community and human needs. The City Council called on Congress and the President to:

“…bring our war dollars home, and use those and other savings in military spending to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal and state governments, and develop a new economy based upon renewable, sustainable energy.”

Click here for full resolution text.

Raleigh follows Durham and Burlington in sending a message to prioritize funding for human needs over wars. Congressional leaders who fund the wars must take note. Please let the Raleigh City Council know they have your support. Send a note of thanks for supporting the resolution to prioritize jobs not wars. A suggested thank you letter with names and email addresses below are for the people who voted in favor of the resolution.

Thank you.


City Council Members who voted for the resolution

  • Mayor: Nancy McFarlane | email: nancy.mcfarlane@raleighnc.gov
  • District C: Eugene Weeks | email: eugene.weeks@raleighnc.gov
  • District D: Thomas Crowder | email: thomas.crowder@raleighnc.gov
  • At-Large: Mary-Ann Baldwin | email: mary-ann.baldwin@raleighnc.gov
  • At-Large: Russ Stephenson (Mayor Pro Tempore)| email: russ.stephenson@raleighnc.gov


Suggested Thank You Letter

Please add your own words.

Dear ________ :

Thank you for your support of the Bring Our War Dollars Home resolution on Jan 15. The recession has resulted in budget cuts causing layoffs, cutbacks, damage to our public education system and a deteriorating infrastructure. Massive spending on wars and the Pentagon have exacerbated the problems. Please continue to speak to your colleagues and especially our Congressional delegation about the need to reduce Pentagon spending and prioritize the needs of our people and our communities.












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