Cost of War Campaign in Orange County

Orange County Peace Coalition launches campaign to Move the Money, Fund our Communities, Not War.

The Orange County Peace Coalition took a page from the playbook of NC Peace Action Chapters in Durham, Raleigh, and Alamance, and convened a town hall meeting to “Bring Our War Dollars Home” on April 6, 2013, at the United Church of Chapel Hill. After 5 months of planning, the OCPC brought US Representative David Price together with NC State Senator Ellie Kinnaird, NC State Representative Verla Insko, Orange Commissioner Renee Price, Carrboro Alderman Sammy Slade, and Board of Education member Mia Burroughs, to hear the voices of citizens, including Veterans For Peace President Patrick McCann,UNC Student Power rep Zania Alsous, Interfaith Council Director Chris Moran, Affordable Housing advocate Robert Dowling, and NC Peace Action Director John Heuer testify to the deficit in Orange County community services, while the county was billed $36.6 million in 2012, just for the war in Afghanistan. Chapel Hill’s Mayor for Peace Mark Kleinschmidt moderated the public forum before 75 attendees.

The Orange County Peace Coalition plans to take “Bring Our War Dollars Home” resolutions to municipal and county boards of governance in May. Let us know how we can help bring local resolutions to your community. We need to keep building this movement! Call John Heuer at (919) 444-3823 or write


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