Cost of War Campaign in Durham County

Durham County has already had great success with its flagship Cost of War campaign in the City of Durham.

In the Fall of 2011:

  • The Durham City Council called upon the president and Congress “to bring these war dollars home to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal and state governments, and develop a new economy based upon renewable, sustainable energy and reduce the federal debt.”  (Read full resolution here.)
  • The Durham County Commissioners called “upon the United States Government and President Barack Obama to responsibly end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our war dollars home”.  (Read full resolution here.)
  • The Durham Board of Education called “upon the US government and President Obama to end the wars and military presence in Afghanistan and other areas of the world that have not attacked the US and reinvest those dollars in the future of our children.”  (Read full resolution here.)
  • 20 members of the NC General Assembly sent a strong letter to our NC Congressional delegation calling for the need to “redirect tens of billions of dollars from excess military spending and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq toward meeting urgent domestic needs.”  (Read full letter here.)

The primary contact for Durham (city and county) is Betsy Crites at (919) 381-5969 or