Draft Resolution

This is a sample resolution that you could propose to your city council, to re-examine the cost of war and bring the war dollars home. If you would like our support in presenting it to your local town or city council, please let us know.

A resolution of the city council of (your town), NC calling upon the US government and President Obama to Bring Our War Dollars Home Now.

Whereas, the economic collapse has exhausted the financial resources at the local, county, state and federal levels of the US; and

Whereas, the US government has spent well over 1 trillion dollars nationally on the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 with North Carolina taxpayers’ share of that total at $32.2 billion, and North Carolina’s share of the 2012 overall military budget estimated at $15 billion; and

Whereas, over 6,000 US troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 40,000 wounded, with thousands more succumbing to trauma or suicide; and

Whereas, hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have damaged U.S. credibility as an advocate for human rights, created a resource of recruitment for enemies of the U.S., and generated social and political instability and civil conflicts that cannot be solved by ongoing military action; and

Whereas, billions of taxpayer dollars are spent to prop up repressive regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world; and

Whereas, funding for a constructive economy that sustains high level educational services for K though college, equal access to medical care, low cost housing, infrastructure repair, environmental protections, and family financing throughout North Carolina, especially in cities such as (your town), has been diverted to wars and occupations, and

Whereas, budget deficits, largely due to war spending, have been used as a pretext to force reductions in funding for these essential public services, and

Whereas, 2010 census data shows that in North Carolina 1 out of every 4 children goes to bed hungry,

Be it resolved that the city council of (your town) calls upon the US government and President Obama to end the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our war dollars home now.

Now be it further resolved, that the City Council of (your town) endorse and encourage informational events regarding the cost of the wars and occupations to our community.