Militarism connects to many issues

When the Peace Partners’ 14th point people’s agenda inadvertently omitted from a flyer circulated at HKonJ, Vicky Ryder of the Raging Grannies used the occasion to make eloquent points about militarism.  Excerpts from her presentation at the HKonJ rally follow.


More than 50 years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us of the triple evils of racism, and materialism (although he did say “capitalism”) and the third one – never to be forgotten – militarism.

I want you to especially keep in mind as we sing for you today that our current wars – eight of them across our globe – are targeting the poor, people of color, people who have no voice, and killing them in our name and with our tax dollars, so that some can profit from the spoils of war.


I was dismayed to see that our HKonJ peace platform was not on the flyer that was circulated today,  so I just wanted to make sure that that omission… [that it] was clear to all of you that it was unintentional, and that as HkonJ Partners – as we partner with Veterans For Peace, and Witness for Peace, and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and all our other Peace Partners – that you are not forgotten and that your work is so very vital to changing the culture of our nation. We sing for you. We sing for all of us today.”