February 20, 2012: Bring The War Dollars Home: Raleigh

  The Town Hall Meeting in Raleigh, February 20th, brought together 150 peace advocates to send the message for a need to reorder our priorities.  We need to “Bring Our War Dollars Home and Restore Our Communities.“ The keynote speaker was Matthew Hoh, a former Marine and State Dept. official who resigned his post in more »

The Allure of War – Wally Myers

Reflections on “War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” by Chris Hedges “The prospect of war is exciting.  Many young men, schooled in the notion that war is the ultimate definition of manhood, that only in war will they be tested and proven, that they can discover their worth as human beings in battle, willingly more »

Endless War – David Levi

April 8, 2011 It was 1984 and President Ronald Reagan had provided amazing examples of Orwellian style doublespeak, and of life imitating art, by referring to ballistic missiles as peacekeepers. At the same time Reagan’s former Secretary of State, Alexander Haig was consulting with MGM on the military propaganda film, Red Dawn. Also the US was in more »