Upcoming Events

NC Peace Action supports the 31st Triennial WILPF Congress


June 1-5, 2011 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Registration and schedule


  • June 1, 7:00PM: Opening Plenary
  • June 3, Noon-1:30PM: Lunch: Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence speaks on Afghanistan
  • June 3, 7:00PM: Plenary (Free and Open to the Public) Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, NAACP NC President, “The Long March to Freedom, Equality and Justice: Building the Beloved Community of Faith, Labor and Civil Rights.”
  • June 4, 6:00PM: Gala dinner/reception and film premier: The Whistleblower, with remarks by Madeleine Rees, WILPF Secretary-General

Workshops on Nonviolence

The principles of nonviolence open the way to a new way of thinking about conflict and war. They point the way to a significant shift in the prevailing paradigms that can prepare the way for a culture of peace.

NC Peace Action offers an opportunity to explore these principles and see how they can apply to your life. Groups of 5 or more should apply by writing to director@ncpeaceaction.org. Specify the affiliation of the group, the town, and proposed date. A small fee of $15/person is charged to cover expenses.

Workshops for students and young adults are given priority and are free of charge thanks to a grant from the New Hope Presbytery of North Carolina. Youth workshops can include ideas on careers in peace.

Cost of War campaign

NC Peace Action is part of the New Priorities Network of dozens of peace and justice organizations working to “move the money” from wasteful military spending to the funding of human needs.

“We are at a unique moment in American politics. Washington is looking at the tradeoff between guns and butter. Both liberals and conservatives in the president’s deficit commission are putting military spending on the chopping block. The government fiscal crisis, the right’s obsession with spending cuts, and our new grassroots movement are likely to keep it there when the new Congress takes office, creating an opening for progressive gains in an otherwise bleak environment. Our job is to point to wasteful misguided wars and the bloated Pentagon budget as the most significant contributor to the deficit and the place where cuts should be made, rather than cutting social programs and services that provide a safety net in the midst of the worst economic crisis in 80 years.”

Visit newprioritiesnetwork.org to learn more.

To help in the NC Campaign to “Move the Money”, email director@ncpeaceaction.org.

2011 Student/Young Adult Peacemaker Award

Express Yourself on the Issues of War and Peace

Criteria:  age 18-24 and residing in the state from August through November 2011.

To enter request an Entry form and Reference Form to be submitted by October 1.

To participate, submit one of the following:

Artistic Expression:  A dance, song, poetry recital, artistic rendering, video, or stage act of up to 10 minutes,


Written Essay:  A minimum 600-word essay addressing the question: “How could tax money being used for war be redirected to meet human needs?”


Grand prize will be a trip with Witness for Peace to Latin America in 2012 (Possibilities: Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, or Nicaragua.  Airfare not included, but we’ll coach you on how to fundraise.), plus a 5-year membership in NC Peace Action*.

Second Prize is $300 and a 5-year membership in NCPA*

Third Prize is $200 and a 5-year membership in NCPA*

* Further details about prizes will be released August 15.

Deadlines and Presentations

Entry Form & Reference Form Due:  October 1, 2011.

Essay Due:  November 4, 2011.

Artistic Presentations at a Final Awards Event:  November 12

(Location TBA.  All participants are asked to attend the Final Event where all awards will be announced.)


For forms and guidelines, contact Betsy Crites, 919.381.5969director@ncpeaceaction.org or visit www.ncpeaceaction.org.

Sponsored by NC Peace Action and Witness for Peace Southeast