War Burdens for All – Curry First

The Times report on families bearing the brunt of deployment pain left out the story of all the other families getting a pass.  As we enter the ten year anniversary of 9/11 and this nation’s two longest wars, we need to finally address sharing these enormous war burdens with all.  Not “go shopping” but expose all young adults, female and male, to compulsory military service and for all others a war tax.  In the latest election our wars were tragically a non-issue.

Bring back the draft for women and men with no college or divinity deferments.  Deferments for those whose immediate family died in combat or suicide during combat or after discharge.  A war tax adding $3 a gallon to gasoline with the tax described only by the words “war tax”.  Double the tax in zip codes with the highest incomes and exempt the tax for those receiving food stamps (one American in six).  Honor our soldiers by bring the wars home and then watch this new year be the last year for these longest of American wars.

—Curry First

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