Duck and Cover in 2018?

Many of us remember the days of bomb shelters, of hiding under our school desks, of wondering if Russia would send a nuclear bomb our way during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Fast forward more than 50 years later, and our fears are coming back.

Many would say we residents of Planet Earth have been lucky that we haven’t yet been wiped out by a nuclear war. But have we become seduced to believe that it will never happen? Or if it does, if we strike first, we won’t be harmed? That’s like thinking if we run across the street day after day without looking both ways that we’ll never be hit. But messing with nuclear weapons is more devastating, killing thousands, perhaps millions of creatures and spreading cancer-causing radiation to others and our food supplies around the globe. Additionally, a first striker most likely would be struck by the country it bombed.

Recently HuffPost senior reporter Ashley Feinberg shared what appears to be a January 2018 draft of the the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis put this roadmap for US Nuclear strategy with input from the President.

The 64-page document suggests developing devices that will make it easier for the military to use such bombs. The final version of the NPR will be published in February, according to HuffPost. Some are calling it “a roadmap for nuclear war.”

NBC News tells us that Trump wants the US to boost its stockpile tenfold, to 1960s levels.

Former President Barack Obama previously had already come up with a 30-year, $1.3 trillion plan to “modernize” the US arsenal and its command-and-control systems. Peace advocates have been rallying for years to stop this plan.

Now Trump goes further, such as proposing to build “low-yield” nukes, which are said to be easier to use and to pack smaller blasts, but causing as much destruction of those dropped on Japan 72 years ago. 

David Swanson of World Beyond War, a global movement to end all wars, notes that Trump in his State of the Union speech said that we needed to build more nuclear weapons to counter “rivals” who “challenge” US “values.” The NPR draft suggests their use to counter “cyber warfare,” for example.

Swanson noted on February 6 that former U.S. SenatorSam Nunn and former Russian Foreigh Minister Igor S. Ivanov signed a letter to Presidents Trump and Putin. Go to to also sign this letter requesting these leaders to take four steps that will make our world safer from the threat of nuclear weapons.

If these bombs are ever used, no one will be safe, rich or poor, anywhere on Earth.

If you are as concerned about our current Administration playing around with nuclear weapons like they’re some type of war toys, spread this message to all you know.

Get involved in your community. Visit your elected leaders at the Federal level while they’re home on spring break, or join groups who are visiting their representatives in Washington, DC. Write letters to the editor to your local and state newspapers. Call in to talk shows, share your concern on social media. Coordinate local actions with other groups in your community.

Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives are at stake, as is our planet’s.