Joy Ride

March 31st, 2014, By John Heuer

Fresh from a trip to Wilmington, on Tuesday, March 18, I drove to Lake Junaluska, to meet with the committee planning the 2014 Lake Junaluska Peace Conference, March 27—30, on the theme “Faith, Health and Peace.”  The planning committee mourned the recent death of 87 year old Ahmad Amara, a gentle soul who had been such an endearing ambassador of Islam for Lake Junaluska Peace conferences through the years.  I think Ahmad would be pleased to know that Freeman Owle will conduct a workshop this week on Cherokee Spirituality and Healing Practices during the conference.  Ahmad was drawn to the ecumenical purpose of these annual conferences.  According to scripture, Abraham’s tent was open on all sides to welcome strangers from every direction. 

 On Wednesday, I was finally able to meet my darling new granddaughter, Josie, in Burnsville, NC, born March 4th   to son Jack and his wife Heather, my new best reason to work for peace, and a joyous conclusion to a week circumnavigating North Carolina.