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Joe Burton – Raleigh Chapter Coordinator

- Contact: 919-520-7576 or jburton41@nc.rr.com.
The Raleigh Chapter covers the region of Wake County and its residents. Please contact Joe Burton above for more information about upcoming events or ways to get involved locally.

NEWS FLASH: On January 15th 2013, the Raleigh City Council passed the Resolution to Bring the War Dollars Home and move the money to meet local community and human needs!

Raleigh joins Durham and Burlington and dozens of cities around the country in a declaration to the public and Congress that the country needs to shift its priorities away from militarism and toward meeting human needs. As a City Council of a state capital this sends a powerful statement. Congress must take note.

Please see the NC Peace Action news release, a copy of the actual resolution, and article in the N&O’s Raleigh Report.

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