Action Alert from Veterans Against the War

This Wednesday, the House passed legislation that if implemented will be a large step towards dismantling and privatizing the VA. But the good news is…there is something you can do! The Senate is looking at a parallel bill and will likely vote on it next week. If they start to hear from us, we can turn the tide! 

Call your senator’s office and urge them to Vote NO on S. 2372: The VA MISSION Act

We all know that the private healthcare industry alongside interests like the Koch brothers have had their eye on dismantling the VA for decades now. This became even clearer in March, when former VA Secetary David Shulkin published an op-ed in the New York Times saying that he had been fired for his opposition to privatization. Since then, with no new VA Secretary yet at the helm, this administration has been paving the way to sell the VA for parts. 

Named the VA Mission Act, the legislation passed this week and pushed by the Trump administration is aimed at creating a commission made up of private healthcare executives focused on shutting down local VA hospitals. It encourages and expands the use of private vouchers for veterans to a healthcare system that isn’t ready to deal with this influx of vets and isn’t familiar with their needs. Worst of all, the $60 billion associated price tag spent is being siphoned off from other existing veterans programs.

Click here to get connected and tell your senator to vote NO on S. 2372

Below we are including a short suggested call script:

I am a (constituent -or- veteran -or- military family member) and I urge Senator ________ to vote against S.2372: The VA Mission Act. While there are instances in which purchasing healthcare in the community is necessary, this bill contains four different provisions that would lead to the dismantling and privatization of the Veterans Health Administration, including the wide use of walk-in clinics for primary care, creation of a Commission run by private health care providers that will close VA facilities, and the issuing of vouchers to tens of thousands of veterans to allow them to automatically obtain private care.

Veterans depend on the VA for physical and mental health treatment and overwhelmingly prefer to get their care from the VA and NOT the private sector. Instead of privatizing services, we need to ensure the VA is properly funded, including filling the 49,000 vacancies that currently exist at the VA. Please oppose the VA MISSION Act. Thank you for your time.